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Iris House Launches How to Save a Life Campaign!

On February 7, 2014, in honor of the 20th Year of Iris House and in recognition of National Black AIDS Awareness Day, Iris House is launching our “How to Save a Life” campaign.

A social media and print outreach effort conceived by MBA students at Rutgers University, this campaign was designed to focus on messaging that would appeal to individuals at risk where traditional messaging has failed. With taglines like “Attitude is Everything,” “Courage Required,” and “It Starts with Kindness” and engaging photography, Iris House hopes to reach individuals who are not just at risk of contracting or are currently living with HIV, but also those who are grappling with other health disparities that plague the communities of Harlem, the South Bronx and urban New Jersey.

HIV continues to be a serious condition, which even with our advanced drug regimens. Therapies still requires constant vigilance, the monitoring of other health conditions and a coordinated effort to ensure individuals are connected to primary care providers, are addressing issues like Hepatitis C, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, mental health and other issues that impact the broader community.

As Iris House broadens its mission to embrace people in our neighborhoods living with these chronic health conditions, whether or not they are also living with HIV, our clients are coming back into regular contact with their physicians, thanks to resources now available through the Affordable Care Act.

Iris House has been saving the lives of people challenged by HIV for the last twenty years, and for the next twenty will turn its expertise and resources toward improving the overall health of our families, our neighborhoods, and the people who need us the most.

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